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🎉 They are here! Welcome little Meliora of YuNi! 🎉

In the evening of January 9th Yu's temperature started dropping below 37°C. Things were starting to happen! No noticeable changes throughout the day and then at 18:30 Yu started panting and having contractions. Go time!

At 19:46 she had her first puppy. A big, 343g male. Welcome, Mr. Red! 💖

11 minutes later, at 19:57 came his 1st sister, weighing in at 324g. Welcome, Miss Orange! 🧡

And just as I had Miss O dried up, at 20.01 came another girl! The smallest girl at 280g. Welcome, Miss Yellow! 💛

I thought we're going to have a bit of a break so Yu can rest, but no! 😅 Just 10 minutes later, at 20:11, out came a 310g boy. Welcome, Mr. Green! 💚

Finally, Yu got a bit of a break and could focus more on her new offspring. The next puppy came at 20:38 and it was another boy, weighing 280g. Welcome, Mr. Turequois! 💙

Then she had her longest break between puppies with the next one coming at 21:18. A nice, dark, 311g female. Welcome, Miss Blue! 💙

And then at 21:38 came the 7th puppy. Another girl and the biggest puppy with her 361g. Welcome, Miss Purple! 💜

Since we saw 7 puppies on Yu's first ultrasound we thought we were done. And it looked that way. But then a half-hour later, Yu's contractions started yet again and at 22:11, less than 2,5h after the first puppy was born, here was our final puppy. A small, 255g boy! He needed a bit more stimulation to get him going and suckling but soon he was up and looking for food. Welcome, Mr. Beige! 🤎

So here they are, our wonderful 8 little red puppies. 🥰 And one very proud and excellent mom! Yu is taking her role very seriously and is a great mom. All puppies are fine and growing and we're looking forward to the next 8-9 weeks with them.

An excellent start to 2022 indeed!

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