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I have not had a lot of time to write up any more posts in 2023, but a lot of things happened in the 2nd half of 2023. Some good, some bad, including losing Wi and Yu's diagnosis of lymphoma in June. So here's a very quick recap:


Since her diagnosis in June we have done a full round of chemo which gave us almost 8 months in remission. She got through her rounds of chemo with very little side affects, and through it all she continues to be her happy, energetic self. A few days ago it was confirmed she's out of remission so we will try another round of chemo.

While I had to cancel a few planned activities and exams with her, due to her weekly chemo treatments, we still managed to finish her Slovenian Grand Champion title and participated in Toller-Bewerb in Graffenegg in September.

Completely out of coat, but snagging herself a 2nd place in Toller-Bewerb silver in Graffenegg


In 2023 Sei finished a few Junior Champion titles, opened a couple of adult Ch titles and finished her Show Champion of Slovenia title. She also took part on a few hunts and hunt trainings and hopefully next year she will also pass her hunting exam.

Due to Yu's diagnosis I decided to look for another toller a few years earlier than I originally planned. And in January 2024 a new member has joined our pack, but more about her in another post. ;)

Yu with Sei & Chili

Meliora puppies

The puppies continued to grow and develop very well. Chili and his handler got a few more high placements and JC in WT and also passed SLP in Austria in September.

Red (Yuka) and his owner were very busy with passing their BBh and Rally-O 1 exams and earning a 'few' JCh and Ch titles for Red. I also handled Red in his hunting exam in October, which he passed with ease and earned himself a nice 1st prize class. Tilda and Tippi are both busy with training for their SAR exams, Nique with frisbee and canicross and Roni & Beni with being family dogs. ❤️

Their litter page had been updated with new photos.

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