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I spy...

someone looking back at me! 😍

Hello Sunny!

The puppies are almost 2 weeks old and the time flew by in that feels like an instant. They are growing nicely and Yu is proving to be a very good mom, but still takes time off for herself and can already go for longer walks, where she can run, roll around in the snow and do a bit of dummy work (free search and memory). And she loves the fact that she gets to eat practically as much as she wants. 😂🥩

They also received an 'upgrade' and can now access 'walk/climb' mode, along with their 'eat' and 'milk coma' mode. And boy do they move and more specifically climb! Miss Blue is up on the whelping rail as soon as she senses that I'm near and Miss Orange and Mr. Beige are not far behind her. Today one of the puppies also managed to actually climb out of the whelping box so now they have the sides back up to full height on all 4 corners and Yu has to jump in, but she's fine with that. Hopefully, this will keep them in for another week and then they're moving to a bigger area/playpen. 🤞 They really are just all over you, when you step into the whelping box now. 🥰

The puppies are starting to show that yes, they are tollers. Sleeping on the back with all 4 in the air or climbing and sleeping in weird positions...true tollers!

They also have their temporary nicknames:

Their new owners also picked their call names which will be part of their registered names and I can hardly wait until they are older and I will make the decisions on who gets which puppy and we will know what their final names will be.

They are getting a little crowded at meal times

It's so much fun seeing them discover the world and how they are starting to interact with each other and objects in their whelping box. A few of them are already climbing on beds by themselves and sleeping there after meals. Others prefer to sleep under the rails or UNDER the beds.😅 Tomorrow they will be dewormed for the first time and in a few days they will get a taste of their first raw meat/meal. 🥩

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