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🎉 Happy 1st Brithday to Meliora litter! 🎉

Time has flown by quickly and our little puppies are not puppies anymore! Happy 1st birthday Wee Red, Tilda, Tippi, Chili, Beni, Nique, Sei and Roni!

L-R: Beni, Wee Red, Chili, Yu, Tippi and Sei

This weekend 5 puppies and their mom Yu met up for an afternoon walk. I'm pleased with how the puppies developed so far and how they continue to grow and shape up. They are very easygoing, adaptable, motivated and very affectionate. 🥰 They are also teenagers so a bit of mischief now and then isn't surprising. 😅 Most of them are not only great family dogs but are also kicking butt in various activities, with some of them already passing their first tests and successfully competing in their first trials. 3 puppies also successfully dipped their toes into conformation rings in 2022.

Beni and Sei celebrating their birthday together ❤

Here's to many, many more years, filled with health and happiness!

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