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Growing up quickly

and before we knew it, our little Meliora puppies are 5 months old already! In the past few weeks they have grown up a lot (with 2 boys already being taller than their mom Yu) and most of them are already swimming like fish. They are also busy with finishing puppy classes, traveling around, search & rescue training, frisbee, agility and hunting/dummy training. Sei, Chili & Tippi also hade a small introduction to cold game last month and below is a video of Sei's 1st duck retrieve out of deep water. She's really following nicely in her mother's footsteps and is so far showing to be a confident, calm retriever with a lot of determination and a very good nose. Last week she also did her 1st drag track and had no issues finding and following a rabbit scent.

Since she's currently still changing her milk teeth for adult ones we are focusing more on fitness and obedience basics. Building blocks of bigger behaviour chains slowly and steadily. She's also getting used to her working role as one of my 'meet-and-greet' dogs for new boarding clients and she's loving it! She has a very friendly, open character but is not pushy and knows when to give other dogs space. She also loves people and with her cute looks she always manages to charm them into giving her extra treats. 😂

Yu is finally growing back her fur. After the puppies left she threw out every single hair that she had and for a few weeks she looked like a shorthaired retriever. But now her undercoat is coming back in and she is extremely soft to the touch, even more so than her puppy's fur. 🥰

Back to retriever/hunt training for Yu, we'll see if we will travel abroad and attend any hunting trials this autumn. She's in great shape, working like the little red rocket that she is. Her and Sei are also playing more and more, now that Sei is getting faster and faster on her long legs. So far they are both calm when I work with one and the other one is watching/waiting her turn. Hopefully this will continue as Sei grows up.

I'm really happy that I get to see most of my puppies fairly often. Some also come for a day or two for a short holiday and so far I'm really happy with how they're developing. I added some more recent photos of puppies to the litter page. And here's a couple of group photos from the past month and a half, featuring all puppies that stayed in Slovenia. 💖💛💚💙💜🤎

Time to enjoy summer!

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