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3 months and counting

Puppies from Yu's first litter are now 3 months old. Crazy how time flies! They have all settled with their new families and some are already getting familiar with their future 'jobs' (hunting, SAR, frisbee/agility etc.).

Tilda @ SAR training

On April 10th we had a small litter meeting with 4 puppies (Wee Red, Tippi, Chili & Sei) and we managed to make some nice photos of all 4 of them.

Wee Red, Sei, Chili & Tippi - 3 months old

At the beginning of April, I went to Germany with Yu and Sei where we also met up with Ute, Daniela and Nadja and I was able to take some family photos of Sei & Yu with their relatives. 🥰

L - R: Kayra (mom), Yu & Hunter (dad)
L-R: Yu (mom), Tilda, Sei & Nikan (dad)

While Yu is getting back to her pre-pregnancy shape (and hopefully her coat will be back sometime soon as well 😅), little Sei is getting familiar with our usual walking and training areas. She also comes with me to work-related meetings, dummy training, trips to hardware & pet stores, etc. She's happy to be anywhere and meet everyone but in a calm way. She loves driving and just hanging out in the car. She sits in front of the door at the back, waiting to be lifted into her crate and inside the crate, she's completely relaxed, even if I leave the door open and go work nearby with Yu.

When we go on long walks, hikes (10-15km), or on dummy trainings, I take a Kurgo backpack with us so she can chill inside. Right now she can still fit inside and since the weight limit for this particular backpack is 11kg I hope she can use it for a few more weeks (she's just under 8kg right now). Then the backpack will belong to Pix so he can continue to join us on adventures even in his almost teenage years.

She's incredibly easy to live with and work with. So far she continues to be a perfect puppy, with just a dash of 😈 moments. 🤣

Just how I like my dogs.

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