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Saying hello and goodbye

The puppies have gone off to their new homes, with the exception of little Tilda, who is staying here a bit longer before she's off to her new family. I love getting updates from new owners and seeing most puppies at our weekly puppy meetings. 😊

Sei & Tilda, running around on one of our trips

One puppy stayed at home, Via, now called Sei. It was not an easy choice, but at 7 weeks the final decision was made and little Sei joined my pack and will stay with her mom Yu, great-great-aunt Wi, and 'big brother' Pix. 💜 Her official name is WiPix Meliora SeiRyu of YuNi. SeiRyu is also a nod to her mom's name, (R)Yu, which means dragon in Japanese, while Seiryu is a blue dragon.🐉

She's a very curious, active, and highly motivated puppy with a great off switch. At home, you barely know she's there, but when she sees that we'll be doing something she's ready to give her 100%!

Yes, she has a pink nose 😅

Car rides, almost daily trips, spending the weekend on dummy training/driving across Slovenia, meeting new people and many things, and neither Sei nor Tilda get phased by it all. They take everything in stride, 2 very confident little puppies and they also have no issues being and working with other people, even when I'm not around. As long as you have food or toys, they will work with anyone. We're mostly focusing on recalls, following me/people when out and about, some puppy retrieves, and just being calm and relaxed when we sit down and do nothing.

Wee Red comes back every once in a while to puppy kindergarden and I use the opportunity to have him pose for photos 😄

Yu is also getting back into shape and is loving every minute of it! It was the longest break from training we had in the last couple of years and we both missed them quite a bit. We're looking forward to a very active, working rest of the year.

Just as enthusiastic as before

I have some plans for Yu and Sei, for the second half of 2022, but we'll see how busy I'll be with a couple of 'non-dog' plans of my own. 🤞

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