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7 weeks of adventures

and we have just a bit less than 2 weeks left together.

In the past weeks, the puppies not only met new people, dogs, other animals, went on short trips...we also went on a 5 day stay to the mountains to our 'summer cottage'. Long drive, new 'home', everything was so different compared to home. But the puppies didn't care at all. 🥰 Tails up, exploring everything, sleeping anywhere, climbing on anything they could find...there was no stopping them.

While there, they met their dad Nikan and half-brother Nanook. We also had visits from future owners from Germany and Czech Republic. While they visited we had a family photo shoot and I can't wait to see how the photos turned out. 😁 It was not easy getting all 3 dogs to sit for a few seconds, sometimes the puppy was the easiest to calm down. 😂 They also caused a bit of havoc at dogs4motion rehab center while Yu was there for her check-up (green light to slowly start back with her fitness routine) but overall they were well behaved and we all survived the trip.

Chili, posing like a pro

Puppies are mostly eating raw (prey) food, with a new food introduced every 2 days. So far no problems, they will eat anything and there were no digestive problems yet. They are also eating semi-moist kibble when we do a bit of clicker training. They love to eat and learn. Just like their mother.

We have now started with crate training and my hope is that the puppies will be able to sleep through the night each in their own crate before they leave. Big plans, I know. 😅

All puppies are now assigned to their new owners. The boys will all stay in Slovenia, while 2 girls will move to Germany & Czech Republic and 2 girls will stay in Slovenia.

Reddy, staying in Slovenia
Tilda (litter name Ori), will go to Germany
Tippi (litter name Sunny) will stay in Slovenia
Chili (litter name Dip) will stay in Slovenia
Kizo, will stay in Slovenia
Nique (litter name Nike), will go to Czech Republic
Sei (litter name Via), is staying home with her mom Yu and great-great aunt Wi
And finally Roni (liiter name Beni), is also staying in Slovenia

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